Corrugated plastic trays

On the hunt for corrugated plastic trays for your products? Then we are the company for you to choose today. All of our trays are customised to you and your product. Whether you are operating a short run or a continuous run, you can be certain that CPP will have the perfect solution for you. Get in touch for more information on our services.

The best plastic corrugated trays

The search to find a company that can manufacture corrugated plastic trays to your liking is now over. At CPP, we Corrugated plastic traysspecialise in the use of vacuum forming to meet all of the demands of our customers.


Vacuum forming

Plastic corrugated trays are created with the help of vacuum forming which we use for trays and their inserts. Whatever the size, we use thermoforming to make sure that your requests are met by our team. We insert a sheet of plastic through a heat source at the ideal temperature for moulding purposes.

We stretch the plastic across a surface mould once the temperature has been achieved. To help create the shape you desire, we use a vacuum which forces the plastic onto the mould. The benefit of this is that it is both cost-effective and quick. As a result, the team at CPP are able to provide you with a bespoke production with a quick turnaround.


Inserts and trays

Whatever your field, trays and inserts are valuable for storing goods that are designed to be transported or stored. The beauty of these solutions is that they help protect your product from damage during transportation or storage, which helps reduces overall costs for you and your sellers. We use the vacuum forming method if the inserts and trays must be carefully manufactured.

Other benefits of these solutions are that it ensures that your company has a reputation for reliability. The methods we use are environmentally friendly. We have the facilities to manufacture corrugated plastic tray prototypes quickly, so that you can see our product for yourself. Save lots of time and money with the help of CPP.



  • Very strong and rigidCorrugated plastic trays
  • Our forming capability is up to 3500mm x 1500mm and up to 600mm deep
  • We have the tools to produce prototypes
  • CAD design
  • Lots of materials available such as HDPE, Polycarbonate, PETG etc.
  • Our products can be single or multi-use
  • Lightweight
  • Self-stacking
  • Suitable for transportation
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Suitable for recycling



Our corrugated plastic trays have multiple uses and can be used for anything that your company needs. In the past, we have created plastic trays for the following:

  • Automatic switches
  • Aerospace instrument panels
  • Surgeon tools
  • Dental equipment and many more

If you need trays to be built for a purpose that has not been listed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and we will do our best. All trays and inserts are made to your specifications. We have different finishes and colours available.

About CPP

Choosing a company to manufacture plastic corrugated trays can be difficult for any company, as you will want to Corrugated plastic traysmake sure that the decision is the right one for you. At CPP, we take care in ensuring that our service fulfils your needs perfectly. All of our trays and their inserts will be fitted around your requirements.

Size or project demands will not be of importance for our team. We have the ability to create prototypes so that you can see the level of detail and quality that goes into each and every one of our products. In addition, we use fibre free and clean solutions for our products, so that each product is renowned for its environmentally friendly status.

As the market leaders for protective packaging, our products will be catered to your needs. We have incorporated BS EN 9001:2015 into our processes. We are committed to offering effective solutions for a range of clients in different industries.


Case studies

Don’t take our word for it, please take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped our customers in different industries. You will not find better plastic corrugated trays on the market.

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