Exclusion Fencing

Exclusion fencing is a product that has been developed to protect wildlife in urban and/or rural areas. This bespoke product can be used to prevent wildlife such as reptiles and amphibians from climbing over and entering areas of high risk such as civil engineering works or urban development. The product can have a 90 degree bend of either  50 or 100mm at the top and a crease located at the bottom to allow for an underground return.

Here at CPP, we supply rolls of material up to 200 metres in length with a standard core size ranging from 76mm up to 150mm. Customers can have the rolls cut to specific lengths and weights to allow users to place the reel onto a machine which will then automatically bury the fencing material. There is also the added advantage of being able to carry the reels to remote locations where the machine cannot be used.

This is essential for extreme environments such as deserts and arctic locations where temperatures can make transporting heavier reels virtually impossible. As such, reel sizes will vary according to requirements.

Correct installation is critical and dependent upon a number of factors including the thickness of the reel, and being used in conjunction with wooden stakes. At CPP, we are also working in conjunction with our partners to develop an embossed product as well perforated reels for water flow.


  • Temporary, semi-permanent or permanent options available
  • Can be stabilised against ultraviolet (UV)
  • Is made from recycled (re-granulated) material
  • Produced in reel and sheet form – various widths, colours and thicknesses available
  • Logo printing available on certain products
  • Reels can be stored and cut as and when required


As a product, exclusion fencing is primarily used to protect wildlife in urban and rural environments. Where there is an unacceptable level of risk to the local fauna, this can be used to create an effective barrier.  Exclusion fencing is also used for ecological monitoring purposes. These fences are predominantly erected to contain newts, other amphibians and reptiles as well as for other wildlife mitigation.

Click here for the downloadable ‘Exclusion Fencing’ PDF file.

Product List

Lightweight Drift Fencing1000mm x 100 mtrs x 0.25mm(1000gauge) Or 200 mtrsReels

20 kgs
Temporary Great Crested Newt Fencing1000mm x 100mtrs x 0.5mm Reels 1000mm x 215 mtrsReelsBlack Regran UV HDPE46kgs per reel

100kgs per reel
Semi Permanent Great Crested Newt Fencing850mm x 100mtrs x 1mm ReelsCreased 50mm top 100mm base
76mm core
Black regran UV HDPEWeight:-
85kgs. per reel
Permanent Great Crested Newt Fencing750mm x 2440 mm x 3mm

50mm x 90deg bend top 100mm groove baseBlack regran UV HDPEWeight:-
7kgs per sheet
Water Vole Fencing1560mm x 1700mm x 3mm

1600mm x 2440mm x 3mm
Flat Sheet

Flat sheet
Black regran UV HDPE

Black regran UV HDPE
Weight:-7.4kgs per sheet

per sheet
1200mm x 50mtrs x 1mm ReelsCreased 50mm top 100mm base
76mm core
Black regran UV HDPEWeight:- 56 kgs per reel
Wooden Posts
1000mm x 38mm x 38mm
1200mm x 38mm x 38mm
1000mmx50mmx 50mm
1200mmx50mmx 50mm
2 ways pointedLarch or Douglas FirPacks of 600

Packs of 360

Free Samples availableBespoke Specifications AvailableAll ex works

Why You Should Choose CPP?

Whether you’re an ecologist, working with a local council or a concerned developer, make CPP your number one choice for exclusion fencing tailored to your requirements. Our ISO accredited team provide a groundbreaking, process-driven service that has helped to facilitate the needs of hundreds of clients both in the UK and abroad.

We help to define, develop, improve and deliver bespoke exclusion fencing that fits with our client’s timescale and budget. As well as supplying high-quality fencing, we are also committed to protecting the environment with products that are fibre-free and 100% reusable. With CPP working hard to fulfil your requirements in full, you can be assured you are in safe and capable hands.

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