Multi Trip Packaging

For top of the line multi trip packaging suited for a variety of different purposes, CPP offers the finest product range available on the market. Please visit our website to see our full selection and see which one of our innovative solutions will be the most appropriate one for your specific needs and requirements. If you would like to speak to a member of our customer services team prior to ordering, do not hesitate to call us on 01425 470 249.

Our multi trip packaging

CPP is a market leader when it comes to facilitating specialised protective multi trip packaging for the pharmaceutical, automotive, environmental and aerospace industries. All of our projects are carried out relying on our 3D philosophy – Define, Develop and Deliver. This customised system enables us to deliver reusable bespoke solutions.

Here at CPP, we always aim to ensure a top quality service for all of our customers. This is achieved through a process-driven methodology. We embrace preferred manufacturers and suppliers to guarantee that all multi trip packaging products are delivered directly from our partners to our clients. Our flexibility allows for worldwide delivery both directly and through a distributor.

We believe our success as a company has been due to our ability to efficiently put together different disciplines and components, then assembling, checking and delivering them for a perfect custom service. We are very proud of the quality of our multi trip packaging as well as our loyal customer base who keep coming back to us.

Reasons to choose CPP multi trip packaging

Our firm commitment to project management is what has allowed us to offer a seamless ongoing process that is based upon our 3D philosophy. With nearly 40 years of unparalleled industry experience, we are continually looking to improve even further to offer the most comprehensive solutions available on the market.

The requests that our diverse range of customers have brought to us over the years have been extremely varied. Because we work with so many different companies in numerous industries, a lot of new requests that come our way have very unique application requirements. This is why we have adapted a flexible approach to ensure that we always meet the needs of each and every customer without fail.

Our 3D philosophy has enabled us to facilitate countless custom solutions for various needs. We always collaborate with our customers very closely in order to fully understand their specific requirements and ensure that they receive the best possible service throughout the duration of the project. When you choose CPP to provide your multi trip packaging, we will take the following steps towards your perfect solution:

Multi Trip Packaging

  • Full identification of requirements
  • Sourcing of high quality materials
  • Use of preferred suppliers and manufacturers
  • Facilitating the assembly of the product

We would encourage you to visit our website for some more information about us as a company as well as our multi trip packaging solutions. You can get a more comprehensive view of our core products as well as available custom ones. We have also compiled some case studies so you can have a better overview of everything involved in a CPP project from start to finish.

Contact us today to order your multi trip packaging

Please contact our sales team to find out exact prices and confirm your order. You can speak to someone right away by calling 01425 470 249. You can also send your requests, questions and orders in writing by filling out the form on our website or e-mailing your multi trip packaging query over to – we will get back to you very shortly to confirm.