Plastic Fabrication Company

Are you searching for a professional and reliable plastic fabrication company to help facilitate the acquisition of high-quality packaging solutions? Here at CPP Ltd, we continue to set high standards, all thanks to our ‘define, develop, deliver and improve’ approach. Our services are entirely bespoke, so if you would like to discuss your specific requirements, call us today on +44 (0)1425 470249.


Discover Our Cost-effective Plastic Fabrication Services

When you think of plastic packaging, it’s easy to think of plastic as being cheap, fragile and something you merely discard after use. While this may be true for certain packaging, it couldn’t be further from the truth for the packaging provided by our plastic fabrication company. Our multi-use, reusable packaging is designed to facilitate all of your needs efficiently and reliably.

Here at CPP Ltd, we take the hassle out of the entire process by consulting with plastic fabrication specialists on your behalf. We’ll listen closely to your ideas and liaise with third-party suppliers and manufacturers to provide you with a product that is to your exacting specifications. Through our ‘define, develop, deliver and improve’ approach, we ensure that all packaging is rigorously tested before being dispatched.

From CNC Machining to Heat Bending, Etching and Vacuum Forming, our plastic fabrication company has the means to facilitate packaging that is well-suited to your requirements. Packaging can be supplied in various materials including:

Thanks to our logistical talents, once plastic fabrication services are completed, we can dispatch all fully tested packaging to businesses worldwide. Whatever your needs, we take care of bringing together all of the necessary services to provide you with one single streamlined service, and one only price to deal with.

In addition, our plastic fabrication company can also facilitate the development of folding pallet containers and pigeon-hole/ shelving systems. Plus, if you require bespoke foam inserts to store equipment and tools, these can be created as part of our internal fitting service.

Plastic fabrication company

Key Features

The products produced by the plastic fabrication specialists that we enlist boast many excellent features including:

  • Rigid and Strong
  • Versatile
  • Stability in Transport
  • Optimisation for Pallet Utilisation
  • Stacking Capability Available
  • Improved Product Integrity
  • 100% Recyclable


Every product that is created by our plastic fabrication company is carefully designed and produced to fulfil a specific role. Our multi-use, reusable packaging can be used by businesses across a wide range of sectors. For instance, tools and components commonly used in the aerospace and automotive sectors can be conveniently stored to prevent them being lost or damaged.

In the pharmaceutical industry, high-value medicines and equipment are often stored or transported and in some cases, could be dangerous if not properly contained. The environmental sector can also benefit from plastic fabrication; for instance, exclusion fencing and bespoke transit containers can both be made using ultra-durable, reusable plastic materials.

If you would like more information about the various applications or would like to discuss your requirements further, get in touch with our team today on +44 (0)1425 470249.


Why Choose CPP Ltd As Your Plastic Fabrication Company?

As the leader in the facilitation of specialised protective packaging and handling systems, we have established a reputation as the go-to choice for businesses in a wide range of sectors. All plastic fabrication services are underpinned by our process-driven philosophy. This ensures that our customers receive packaging that is suited to their needs and is entirely reusable.

We work closely with various third-parties including suppliers and manufacturers. We make certain that all products are developed in-line with the client’s wishes, thoroughly tested and then dispatched on time. Furthermore, we liaise with various plastic fabrication specialists to provide our customers with the flexibility of worldwide delivery – either directly or through distributors.

What sets us apart from other companies is our attention to detail and our commitment to quality. We consider the registration and integration of BS EN 9001:2015 essential to our on-going services. This makes us the company to choose when you require specialist packaging to get the job done right.



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