Recycling of Fluorescent Tubes


Have you been looking everywhere for high quality specialist packaging suitable for properly recycling fluorescent tubes? You’re in luck – here at CPP, we specialise in the facilitation of specialist protective packaging that will make the storage and transportation of used tubes safe and easy. Have a look at our product range online or call us on 01425 470 249 for more information about prices.


The proper method for recycling fluorescent tubes

Few people realise that over three thousand tonnes of waste is generated in the UK every year from highway and fluorescent lamps alone. At this present moment, more than one hundred million fluorescent lamps are operating all over Britain. Each and every one of these lamps has a small amount of mercury which is a highly toxic substance. Mercury is water soluble and can be absorbed through mucous membranes as well as the skin which is why it is vital to use an appropriate method when it comes to the recycling of fluorescent tubes.

It used to be standard practice to dispose of these mercury containing lamps at landfill sites. Even though the amount of mercury that is present within each lamp is miniscule, the accumulated build-up has now led to mercury levels rising to dangerous heights. A staggering fact is that it only takes a single fluorescent lamp to make 30,000 litres of pure water undrinkable.

Recent changes in the law have now thankfully made discarding fluorescent tubes and lamps at landfills illegal. Each and every company in the UK now has to follow a strict set of guidelines when getting rid of hazardous waste. The set of protocols is environmentally friendly and the process involves first removing the metal and glass components, then distilling the mercury from the powder in the lamps. It can be reused responsibly once this has been done.

Here at CPP, we are happy to offer a wide range of lightweight containers that have been specifically designed for the safest possible storage and movement of fluorescent tubes and lamps that have come to the end of their service life. We offer an excellent size selection that makes recycling of fluorescent tubes hassle free and easy. Please get in touch with us to arrange for a sample to be sent to your company. You will also be able to request additional features including:

  • Recycling of Fluorescent TubesHandles for efficient transport
  • Lid fastening
  • Reinforced base corners
  • Secure straps



Reasons to choose CPP for recycling fluorescent tubes

When it comes to custom packaging solutions for the environmental, pharmaceutical, automotive and aerospace industries, accept no substitutes – CPP is the market leader. Every project follows our 3D approach – Define, Develop and Deliver.

The customer always comes first – we ensure a high quality service through our own methodology that embraces preferred suppliers, subcontractors and manufacturers in order to guarantee that the products are delivered directly from our partners to our clients. This allows for fantastic flexibility and worldwide delivery capabilities that cannot be beaten by any of our competitors.

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