Vacuum Forming Services

Are you looking for the best vacuum forming packaging on the market? Have you been scouring Google trying to find the number one contractor out of all the vacuum forming companies out there? If so, you are in luck as CPP is a market leader in the facilitation of specialised protective packaging. To benefit from our 39 plus years of industry experience as well as our wealth of knowledge and unrivalled vacuum forming services, get in touch with our superior team now by calling us on 01425 470 249.


The most exceptional vacuum forming services on the market

When searching for the most outstanding vacuum forming services, we’re entirely confident that you’ll struggle to find a provider that compares to the prowess of CPP – it certainly pays to hire the industry’s elite. Whether you are looking for vacuum packaging for automotive, pharmaceutical, environmental or aerospace industry, you are sure to be impressed by our high-spec and expert quality products.

Vacuum forming is a process that is frequently used to create trays and inserts which are commonplace throughout various different sectors for a variety of purposes and needs. Otherwise known as a type of thermoforming, our bespoke and customisable vacuum forming packaging will increase your efficiency while remaining ultra-competitively priced and super cost-effective.

Better still, storage solutions produced through vacuum forming adjust to the contours of the product which provides unmatched levels of protection from both breakage and surface damage. Some of the features of our vacuum forming tray and insert products are:Vacuum forming services

  • Extremely rigid and strong
  • Prototype and production tooling, CAD design, CNC programming
  • Available material options
  • Lightweight
  • Self-stacking
  • Flexible use for protection or for transportable, logistical use
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals
  • 100% recyclable

No matter the size, scale or complexity of your project, you will find that we are more than up to the task as there is no challenge we haven’t already successfully overcome. From start to finish, the team here at CPP will always put your precise needs, requirements and desired objectives first and foremost – which is what distinguishes our market-leading company from our competitors; our total commitment to our customers.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding out vacuum forming core products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our professional and highly knowledgeable staff now. If you need further assurance that we provide the most exceptional vacuum forming services on the market, it may be worth having a look at some of our case studies. Here you’ll find further insight into our impressive proficiencies.

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Here’s why, out of all the vacuum forming companies on the market, CPP is second-to-none

Since 1980 when we founded our company, we have worked tirelessly to hone our vacuum forming services and in doing so, we have established ourselves as the number one, market-leading provider of specialised protective packaging. Throughout the last 38 years of dependable service, we have amassed a reputation for offering outstanding vacuum forming packaging that precedes us throughout the country.

Having worked with a variety of international commercial organisations across a variety of industries and sectors such as the likes of Rolls Royce, Airbus and Pfizer, you can be confident that we have got you covered. Therefore, you can be entirely sure that you’ll receive a service that is worthy of our notable reputation as one of the best protective packaging manufacturers in the UK.

As a matter of fact, our fully ISO certified company operates a laborious system for quality control for each and every product that we produce in-house to ensure that we consistently provide exceptional quality vacuum forming packaging. Thus, out of all the vacuum forming companies on the market, we’re confident that our facilities and products are a cut above the rest and unparalleled by any of our competitors.

Do you still need convincing that CPP offers the finest vacuum forming facilities on the market currently? If so, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with some of the feedback we have received from our satisfied clients. We’re confident after browsing through their reviews that you’ll have a clearer understanding of why our services are so reputed and highly sought-after.

“It is always a pleasure to deal with CPP. For the past couple of years, they have satisfied all our packaging needs. Not only are they extremely professional but they do their utmost to be helpful in solving any packaging problems we might have. The quality of work is of a very high standard and our products are always delivered on time even when given short notice. We have no hesitation in recommending them for packaging solutions.”

When looking for the most stellar vacuum forming services and products the market has to offer, CPP will come out on top, time and time again for price, quality and customer satisfaction. The vacuum forming service you have been searching for is only a phone call away! Get in touch now to start reaping the benefits.


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For unparalleled vacuum forming services and products at an ultra-competitive and unmatched price, CPP is the only company that you need to contact today. Out of all the vacuum forming companies on the market, we’re the superior, obvious and only choice provider to call today on 01425 470 249. You can also register your interest in our facilities by emailing us at or by filling out the contact form which can be found on our easily navigable website. Rest assured, we’ll always endeavour to get back to you as swiftly and efficiently as we can to your inquiry about our first-class vacuum forming services.