An effective supply chain in the Aerospace industry is critical and the movement of those products to the right place at the right time makes all the difference in terms of cost and operational effectiveness particularly with expensive, fragile and sometimes hazardous parts.  The nature of those parts will sometimes necessitate the need for bespoke handling material solutions rather than that of the standard, mainstream, off the shelf solutions and CPP has been involved in collaborative projects with their Aerospace partners for many years.

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CPP continues to provide innovative packaging solutions and over the years has refined its definition, design and development philosophy that encompasses early engagement with the customer, understanding their requirements and ensuring all the necessary components are brought together to achieve a positive outcome.  Part of our philosophy also includes the identification of risks, better processes and improvements underpinned by our Quality Management System.

Here at CPP we are absolutely committed to our Customers and our systematic, collaborative approach has resulted in a number of exciting collaborative projects over the years.