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Welcome to CPP Ltd the home of high-quality corrugated plastic packaging. For more than 35 years we have been delivering high-end materials and handling solutions to major international and SME companies throughout the UK. We now work with industry leaders in a wide range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and environmental. Call 01425 470249 or email to find out more about our tailored packaging solutions and to obtain your FREE bespoke quote.

The number one option for corrugated plastic packaging

At CPP Ltd, we are extremely versatile and flexible when it comes to the defining and developing of a unique application. What’s more, our corrugated plastic packaging solutions can be adapted to suit any industry, and throughout the years we have refined our process in such a way that we have set benchmarks for major manufacturing sectors including the steel, electronics and automotive industries.

For example, our specialists defined, developed and delivered an advanced collar protection system for coiled steel and aluminium coils up to 25 tonnes. This commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that all of our tailored products are ‘fit for purpose’ when they are delivered to our customers, allows us to take the lead in our industry and our place on the world stage.

Our core products

Our job is to source the relevant materials via our trusted suppliers and manufacturers and oversee the assembly of the products to ensure exceptional results. While we work hard toCorrugated Plastic Packaging deliver tailored solutions, we also have a set of corrugated plastic packaging core products which are outlined below:

  • Plastic sheet materials
  • Vacuum forming
  • Euro stacking containers
  • Plastic pallets
  • Dunnage
  • Plastic fabrication


Plastic sheet materials

One example of our corrugated plastic packaging solutions is plastic sheet materials which encompass the following, Honeycomb Bonded Sheet, Twinwall Polypropylene and Solid Sheet.


Honeycomb Bonded Sheet

This product can be found in a diverse range of applications across the automotive, aerospace, environmental and pharmaceutical sectors. Some of the material’s highly beneficial properties include durability and resistance to impact, corrosive materials, UV and fire. Below we have listed some of the other advantageous features you can expect to benefit from when opting for Honeycomb Bonded Sheet:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Rot proof and moisture resistant
  • Option of a variety of laminate and textured finishes in materials such as foam, textiles and tiles
  • 100% recyclable
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional materials.

This type of corrugated plastic packaging is suited to an extensive range of applications including wall panels, portable partitions, commercial displaces, one-way reusable packaging systems and more.


Twinwall Polypropylene

Again, this material is versatile and can be applied across many different sectors and in an extensive list of applications. To maximise its lightweight and ultra-strong properties, Twinwall Polypropylene can easily and carefully be formed through cutting, ultrasonic, welding, plastic riveting and taping.

Our list of core products is only the very beginning of the corrugated plastic packaging solutions we offer here at CPP Ltd. Call 01425 470249 or email to have a chat with one of our experts about how we can fulfil your every requirement and provide you with the finest of products in line with your chosen budget.

Reasons to choose CPP Ltd

At CPP Ltd we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of our industry. To achieve this, we implement a focused ‘define, develop, deliver and improve’ strategy to ensure we stand outCorrugated Plastic Packaging in our sector for our top quality corrugated plastic packaging services.

Through this process, we keep a close eye on the efficiency of our work to avoid any unnecessary costs and constantly improve and develop the types of materials we use in our packaging. As a result, our customers benefit from refined first-class bespoke solutions and ultimately a corrugated plastic packaging product which they can be proud of.

Moreover, we take great pride in ensuring that our corrugated plastic packaging complies with the latest industry requirements, which is why you can rest assured that all our work is ISO 9001-2015 accredited.

Finally, if you are looking for the leading provider of corrugated plastic packaging to provide you with not only a world-class product, but unmatched customer service too, CPP Ltd is the way forward. We truly believe that a large part of our success lies within strong project management, keeping connected with our customers, and remaining in tune with their bespoke requirements.

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