Dunnage is a term that is used to refer to containers that are commonly used across various different sectors for storage purposes. These bespoke systems are custom-designed to house parts, components or materials in a manner that protects against potential damage.
Here at CPP, we define, develop and deliver solutions that are designed to meet with the client’s expectations. You can learn more about the features of the type of dunnage systems we have developed by reading the information below.

Dunnage Systems

When it comes to ensuring that high-value components and parts are protected while in transit, our dunnage systems are regarded as second-to-none. As a crucial aspect of any supply chain, we go to great lengths to ensure that these are tailored and produced to the highest standards of quality. Most of our dunnage systems are multi-use, providing a lifetime of production that can be recycled for future use.
As well as reducing the chance of damage and part rejection, the dunnage systems supplied by CPP will also save you time and money on replacements in production.


  • Durable
  • Impact protection & shock absorption
  • Less supply chain damage
  • Lightweight
  • No surface damage
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Returnable, reusable & recyclable


Dunnage systems have many applications within the sectors mentioned above such as bespoke trays, boxes and containers for handling materials. Within the automotive sector for instance, dunnage systems are often used to store and transport vehicle glass and high-value trim which if broken or scratched would be rendered useless.

Whatever the intended use, we are able to define and develop solutions that include moulded foam trays and Twinwall dividers for maximum efficiency.

All of our dunnage systems are fibre-free and we are committed to providing products that are aligned with industry standards.

Click here for the downloadable ‘Dunnage Systems’ PDF file.

Why Should You Choose CPP?

Here at CPP, we use our Define, Develop and Deliver and Improve processes to ensure we meet the requirements of our customers. We always strive to benchmark all of our services with this process driven approach and our ISO 9001-2015 certification and building upon an over 40 year reputation we continue to meet our customer requirements. So if you are in need of bespoke, reusable, multi-trip products, simply give our team a call and we’ll find the right material handling solution for you.