Pigeon- Hole Dunnage System

Designed specifically for the automotive and aerospace sectors, the pigeon-hole dunnage system is a fantastic storage solution designed for holding heavier parts. Comprised of ultra-strong honeycomb bonded polypropylene, this system can be used to house large and bulky parts and components while providing easy access.

The team at CPP can define your pigeon-hole dunnage system in a range of colours with a minimum order quantity. Furthermore, these can be laminated if necessary to provide increased protection for sensitive parts. Curtains can be fitted as an optional extra and printing is also available so you can emblazon your company logo on the side.


  • Customisable sizes
  • Product longevity
  • Robust material
  • Antistatic properties (if required)
  • Welded edges
  • Separator inserts/compartments and foam inserts
  • Print layout and corporate logo service available


Pigeon-hole dunnage systems are ideal for all manner of production and engineering environments. Across various different sectors, these systems provide neat and tidy storage, protection for trade-critical parts and convenient access that will allow for efficiency and high levels of productivity.

Every single one of our dunnage systems is fibre-free and fully aligned with industry standards.

Click here for the downloadable ‘Pigeon-Hole Dunnage System’ PDF file.

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