Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication involves the manufacturing of bespoke plastic products that are commonly used across a large number of sectors. We help to define, develop, deliver and improve bespoke fabrications that can comprise a variety of materials such as:

  • Twinwall Polypropylene
  • Honeycomb
  • Triplex
  • Solid PP

Here at CPP, our team collaborate closely with third party suppliers and manufacturers as well as the client to ensure that we understand the needs of the project. We have access to a wide range of manufacturing processes including CNC, Heat Bending, Laser Cutting/ Etching and Vacuum Forming. From one-off single-use products to multi-trip components and transit containers, nothing is too complex for us to handle.

In addition, we also facilitate the development of folding pallet sleeve containers and pigeon-hole/ shelving systems, and these are available with a full range of accessories. If you require foam inserts or dividers, our team provides a full internal fitting service to ensure that your needs are met.


  • Extremely rigid and strong
  • Versatility – Fit for Purpose
  • Stability in transport
  • Optimising pallet utilisation
  • Stacking capability available
  • Improves product integrity
  • 100% recyclable


As mentioned above, there are many different applications for plastic fabrication. For instance, environmental uses for plastic fabrication include exclusion fencing or bespoke transit containers for the careful transport of live animals. In the pharmaceutical sectors, inserts, trays and containers can be created for storing and transporting high value medicines and surgical equipment.

Other applications can also be found in the automotive and aerospace sectors where storage units, containers and even work stations can be created.

Click here for the downloadable ‘Plastic Fabrication’ PDF file.

Why Should You Choose CPP?

Here at CPP, our ISO accredited team are among the leading facilitators of bespoke plastic packaging and handling products. From small businesses to large commercial customers, we work hard to define, develop and deliver on expectations. We work to your timescale and budget, and with our proven process driven approach, you can rest assured that you are in safe and capable hands.

As a company, we are environmentally conscious and always looking for ways to facilitate the client’s needs in a way that is responsible. Many of the products that we supply are fibre-free and fully reusable providing many years of reliable service. Whether you require transit containers, exclusion fencing, product inserts or something else entirely, call CPP today to find out how we can help.